Shernett Swaby – Best Black Owned Business in Chicago


The name Shernett Swaby is a mouthful, but you'll quickly understand why. Swaby, a Project Runway Canada alumna, is a fashion artist with a unique line of clothes and free alterations. And it's not just her name that's enticing, her clothing is handmade, affordable, and environmentally friendly. Despite this snazzy title, Swaby's clothing is not for everyone. Nonetheless, if you're looking for a unique piece of clothing, look no further than a black-owned business in Chicago by Shernett Swaby. 

Shernett Swaby is a fashion artist 

Shernett Swaby was born and raised in Jamaica, but has found success in the fashion world. Swaby started sewing at age eight, learning from her mother. She sewed and mended her own clothing as a way to learn about the craft. Upon graduating from the International Academy of Design in Toronto, she started her own clothing line, which she sold in lingerie stores throughout Ontario. Now, Swaby creates women's wear with an artistic flair.

As a successful Chicago-based fashion artist, Swaby's work has received international recognition. She has appeared on numerous television shows and magazines and has won prestigious awards, such as the designer of the year from Fashion Group International. In addition to her own fashion business, Swaby also designs and styles for a number of celebrities and clients. Shernett Swaby is dedicated to helping Chicago residents find new ways to make their wardrobes look great, and she has won numerous awards and accolades for her work.

Shernett Swaby offers free alterations

Shernett Swaby is a Toronto-based fashion designer who offers free alterations on all of her clothing items. You can have a pantsuit turned into a skirt, have your dress lengthened, or have a zipper replaced. All you need to do is bring your garment in whenever you feel the need to update your look. The company believes that every woman should look beautiful in the clothing she wears, so it makes sense to give you free alterations on your purchases.

Shernett Swaby's clothing line is a reflection of her roots and the culture of the people she serves. A woman's clothing should be made by someone who respects the garment's style and culture. If a piece is too large or too small, Swaby will make it look like a custom fit. The company is committed to ethical manufacturing, and its designs are part of the movement towards more environmentally-friendly clothing design.

Shernett Swaby's clothing line is unique

Founded by a Jamaican woman, Shernett Swaby's clothing line offers a different type of shopping experience. Her line is vertically integrated, ensuring authenticity and fast service. Her customer service is exceptional, with personal closet consultations, expert advice and fast turn-around times. Shernett strives to give every woman a beautiful and confident image, and her goal is to make this happen.

Swaby's designs have appeared in fashion magazines and on television shows. She is one of the Top 5 Finalists on Project Runway Canada and has received numerous other prestigious awards. Shernett has been named one of Canada's most innovative and talented designers. Her clothing line focuses on bringing affordable, eco-friendly clothing to the masses. She is also passionate about women's fashion, and her clothes are designed to be both comfortable and flattering.

Shernett Swaby is a Project Runway Canada alumna

One of the recent alumnae of "Project Runway Canada" is Chicago-based Shernett Swaby. She's a talented fashion designer who graduated from the International Academy of Design in 1998. Since then, she has been perfecting her craft. She's aiming to promote individualism in the fashion industry and has already had a number of her pieces featured in local and international magazines. Shernett's collection also includes handcrafted jewelry and a range of other items made by talented local designers.

Swaby, a former contestant on the Canadian edition, aims to make women feel great in their own designs. She's a busy female boss and wants to make sure each outfit is comfortable and looks good. For this reason, she's creating a line of fashion for women with her team. Shernett Swaby is a proud alumna of Project Runway Canada and is making waves in the industry.

Shernett Swaby is a small business owner

Shernett Swaby is a designer whose roots are in Jamaica. Despite the ghetto atmosphere in Jamaica, Swaby managed to escape and relocate to Canada at age thirteen. Her mother, a seamstress, taught her all the tricks of the trade when she was just eight years old. Today, Swaby has a thriving small black-owned business in Chicago and has garnered a number of prestigious clients.

When Swaby moved to Chicago, she was still a top-five finalist on Project Runway Canada about a decade ago. Her first boutique in Chicago opened in 2009, but she was already in business for several years before the show. The store, located at 750 Franklin Street in the River North neighborhood, is one of the city's hippest neighborhoods, home to luxury condos, art galleries, and clubs.